Newly Built Hotel in “Tourist Paradise ”  -  ARBANASI
ID 5029001
 550 000 
499 000

Living the dream of owning a large, spectacular and grand building in many countries can often be somewhat difficult to realise. Not so in Arbanasi in the region of Veliko Tarnovo. You too can have your share in dominating the landscape in one of the finest villages in all of Veliko Tarnovo. 


As a result, the village captures its fair share of hearts and tourists each year and some of the thousands of visitors decide they want to stay on a more regular basis. With breathtaking views and beautiful surroundings this new hotel will take off extremely rapidly.


This part of Bulgaria is full of history, Arbanassi is proved itself to be one of the best well known locations all year round.  

This luxury new build hotel harmoniously fits into the overall architectural appearance of the village and offers many aspects inside. On the ground floor, after being welcomed in the reception area, there is a relaxing lobby area. A large restaurant, kitchen with staff quarters, a sauna and gymnasium with shower rooms and other guest w/c’s accordingly. The first floor occupies two apartments, many en-suite rooms and a large covered terrace. The second floor has a further two apartments including more en-suite rooms with skylights.


The building made of stone includes a large garden with an area of 1800sqm, covered terrace, fitted German UPVC windows, insulated walls and roof, tiled bathrooms with fixtures and fittings. The staircase is beautifully designed with custom wrought iron and the iron oak doors are finely crafted by hand from forged iron and solid wood. A strong, high wall made of stone surrounds the perimeter for guest privacy.


Some renovation works are need to complete the hotel with an option to include a swimming pool, tennis court and a further five more en-suite rooms for rewarding profits.


Arbanasi – a tourist paradise.