Regulated plot of land next to Yovkovtsi Reservoir, just outside Elena
ID 5081013
 15 000 
14 000

This plot of land is situated near Yakovtsi, next to the Yovkovtsi Reservoir (one of the largest in Bulgaria). The region has well developed rural tourism, providing outdoor recreational activities and attracting tourism.

This 1000-sqm land is regulated, making it ideal for building a house or even family hotel or chalet. The location is perfect for its impressive scenery, fresh air, peace and tranquillity and beauty of the Elena Balkans. The plot is comparatively big in size to have a large garden with BBQ and patio areas and a pool which is a perfect addition to your future property.

The area is suitable for living permanently, because of the close proximity to Elena town. So you can build a spacious family home with a large garden and recreational areas to enjoy the beauty of this heavenly place. Consequently located close to the reservoir, you could literally fish from your very own back garden.

Do not miss the opportunity to purchase this plot of land. It has masses of potential and space to turn this land into a successful business or a stunning home just for you.

Yovkovtsi reservoir is ideal for anglers and in the vicinity of Yakovtsi you can collect mushrooms and dry herbs for tea during the cold winter days. For avid travellers there are tourist routes, some of which end at Chumerna peak (1536 m), the highest point in Elena, which is part of the Stara Planina Mountains.